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Object dispatcher ‚Äč

This API is available since Fedify 0.7.0.

In ActivityPub, objects are entities that can be attached to activities or other objects. Objects sometimes need to be resolved by their dereferenceable URIs. To let objects be resolved, you can register object dispatchers so that Fedify can dispatch an appropriate object by its class and URL arguments.

An object dispatcher is a callback function that takes a Context object and URL arguments, and returns an object. Every object dispatcher has one or more URL parameters that are used to dispatch the object. The URL parameters are specified in the path pattern of the object dispatcher, e.g., /notes/{id}, /users/{handle}/articles/{id}.

The below example shows how to register an object dispatcher:

import { createFederation, Note } from "@fedify/fedify";

const federation = createFederation({
  // Omitted for brevity; see the related section for details.

  async (ctx, { handle, id }) => {
    // Work with the database to find the note by the author's handle and the note ID.
    if (note == null) return null;  // Return null if the note is not found.
    return new Note({
      id: ctx.getObjectUri(Note, { handle, id }),
      content: note.content,
      // Many more properties...

In the above example, the ~Federation.setObjectDispatcher() method registers an object dispatcher for the Note class and the /users/{handle}/notes/{id} path. This pattern syntax follows the URI Template specification.